Build Muscle Fast With Cardio

Everything that is done repeatedly causes adaptations in the body. This is why we exercise with weights. After performing a sufficient amount of strength training our body adapts in several ways, one of which is bigger and stronger muscles. However, some of the potentially negative adaptations that occur in the body have not been addressed … Continue reading “Build Muscle Fast With Cardio”

Everything that is done repeatedly causes adaptations in the body. This is why we exercise with weights. After performing a sufficient amount of strength training our body adapts in several ways, one of which is bigger and stronger muscles. However, some of the potentially negative adaptations that occur in the body have not been addressed in the mainstream bodybuilding publications. Below you will find out just what negative things strength training is doing to your body, and how a simple cardiovascular training protocol can help to mitigate these effects.


When you lift weights blood is pumped to your muscles to bring nutrients and flush out waste products. This helps to improve endurance during your sets. Over time your body gets better and better at pumping blood to your muscles. One of the main adaptations in your body that occurs to facilitate better blood flow is a thickening of the left ventricular wall of your heart. This thickening allows for more blood flow during those heavy sets, but it also has negative affects on your health. Thickening of the left ventricular wall causes blood to be pumped from the heart more forcefully. The blood vessels respond by becoming more rigid to withstand this pressure. The blood vessels can also develop small tears which become inflamed. This is where atherosclerotic plaque can begin to build up. All of these things lead to an unhealthy cardiovascular system that is at risk for a heart attack.

One of the other things that happens during weight training is the activation of the sympathetic branch of the nervous system. This is typically known as the “fight or flight” branch. When the sympathetic branch is activated it causes a release of the chemicals epinephrine and nor-epinephrine, which are commonly referred to as adrenaline. These chemicals can greatly enhance your strength. However, if you are constantly calling on the sympathetic branch of your nervous system it adapts by becoming more easily activated or by staying activated. This leads to what is known as “sympathetic dominance.” This essentially puts your body into “fight or flight” mode all of the time. As you may guess, this is very stressful on all of the body’s systems and not conducive to recovery from exercise.

So how do we correct these two issues? Well, there are many different corrective methods out there, and not all people will respond the same to any one method. However, in my work with professional athletes I found that one of the simplest methods is also one of the most effective. This method is simple cardiovascular exercise.

Everyone has heard about the health benefits of cardiovascular exercise. Many people also use cardiovascular exercise for fat loss (even though this is not the quickest method for fat loss).
However, most of us who are serious about weight training have heard at one time or another that cardiovascular exercise is actually detrimental to muscle and strength gains. While this is true with certain types of cardiovascular exercise, it is completely incorrect for other types. However, many lifters have adopted a negative view of cardio and hence neglect to incorporate it into their programs for fear of losing muscle. With this in mind, let’s look at how performing cardio can actually increase your strength and muscle gains, much more than weight training alone.

As mentioned above, two of the unhealthy adaptations that occur from prolonged strength training are:
1. Thickening of the left ventricular wall of the heart
2. Sympathetic dominance in the nervous system
Low-intensity cardiovascular exercise can correct both of these issues. By activating the parasympathetic branch (the rest and relaxation branch) of the nervous system, the sympathetic branch’s influence is diminished and the body is shifted to a state in which it can begin recovery. Low-intensity cardio also helps to stretch the left ventricular wall of the heart which makes the wall more pliable over time. This allows better blood flow to all of the body while at rest. Blood flow to the muscles is a huge component of recovery, and this is an easy way to promote it. To receive these benefits the key is the intensity and duration of the cardiovascular exercise.
The protocol is simple:

2-3 times per week, 45-60 minutes, heart rate of 120-130 bpm
This means that you can pick any exercise you want: treadmill, bike, elliptical, stairs, etc. Most people find all of these options boring, so I would recommend some other activity (walking outside, shooting hoops, playing with your kids, etc.). The only requirement is that you do it for at least 45 minutes and that your heart rate stays between 120 and 130 beats per minute (bpm) the whole time. What you don’t want is an activity where you have to sprint hard and then rest. This causes the heart rate to increase quickly and then slow down again. This type of training is similar to weight training and will only make recovery more difficult.

What you want is very low intensity cardio. This will not eat up muscle glycogen or harm your ability to gain muscle mass. To the contrary, it will stimulate the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system and improve blood flow to your damaged muscle fibers. This helps you to not only recover more quickly between training sessions, but between sets as well.

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Sled Dragging – A Fun Way To Burn Fat Especially If You Hate Cardio!

Do you hate doing cardio to burn fat? Do you wish there was a way to get leaner without the endless hours on the treadmill or eliptical machine? Do you wish there was a faster way to get the same benefit as long cardio sessions?


If you said yes to any of these then you may enjoy doing sled dragging exercises. Sled pulling (sled dragging) is a training technique used by strongmen, powerlifters, football players, and even some bodybuilders to increase their overall conditioning levels. This increased conditioning will improve your capacity for intense work, and it will help you burn fat at the same time assuming you are eating properly. The best part is that is versatile and does not require the same amount of time as a long cardio training session.

A pulling (dragging) sled is typically a metal plate with a “lip” on one side and a pole stick up from the middle of it. This pole allows you to add or remove standard weight plates to vary the resistance. The edge of the plate with the lip is usually attached to a chain or rope. On this chain or rope you can attach your weight lifting belt or other forms of harnesses or handles. The sled will allow you to drag the weight over various distances and in multiple directions.

You can sprint with the sled or you can do backward motion exercises to work your hamstrings and glutes. By adding two ropes (or chains) to certain attachments around your ankles you can even walk with each leg moving the weighted sled. This alone will increase your conditioning in ways not normally found in the gym. Furthermore, you can do a variety of upper body movements and even baseball catchers can work on their footwork for throws to second base by attaching the sled behind them when in the catcher’s stance. Similar sport-specific exercises can be done as well.

The sled also removes the “negative” (or lowering) part of an exercise. If you attach your weight lifting belt to the rope and drag 100 pounds behind you then there is no need to lower the weight. By simply stopping your movement you will remove the need to lower the weight. Sled dragging also helps those who cannot do much cardio training due to impact on your joints such as knees or ankles. By simply walking forward or backward with the weighted sled you can get tremendous benefit without having to hurt your knees or feet with every stride on the treadmill or cardio dance class.

Remember that if you hate doing cardio then consider sled dragging. While it is important for your overall health to do low-impact cardio such as walking or a leisurely bike ride as often as possible, substitute a few of your longer fat-burning cardio sessions with sessions of sled dragging and determine if you notice a difference.

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Build Muscle – How Much Cardio is Enough When Trying to Build Muscle

When your main goal is to build muscle, the workout program you choose to adopt needs to be altered so you can maximize this process.

Build Muscle

In order to build muscle, you are going to have to spend a little more time doing muscle building activities such as weight training or kettleball training, thus this will decrease the amount of time you have left to do other activities that are more cardiovascular related.

But, what is the minimum amount of cardio that you can get away with while still maintaining good shape?
This is a concern that many of those in bodybuilding start to face.

Why You Need To Be Concerned With Cardio
While it may be tempted to avoid cardio altogether and just focus on strength activities, this is a big mistake. The issue here is that having a good cardiovascular system does have positive benefits such as enhanced blood flow (which then helps muscle tissues recover faster), a better capacity to tolerate longer sessions in the gym, and an increase in the fat burning enzymes in the body that help keep you lean.

If you hope to build muscle as quickly as possible but do not want to see a very large fat gain with this, I’d strongly advise keeping some cardio in there.

Cardio To Maintain Shape
That said, to maintain enough cardiovascular shape that you are not winded after climbing a set of stairs, you should aim to complete two to three twenty to thirty minute sessions each week. This is all it really takes to maintain some cardiovascular shape, as far as the heart is concerned.

Obviously if you are involved in athletic activities and are looking to make an improvement in your performance ability, you will need to perform more. BUT, this is assuming you just want to keep your heart healthy, help increase blood flow to the muscles, and make it so that when you do get back to doing more cardio (after you finish building muscle), you don’t have to start from scratch.

The intensity of this cardio does not need to be overly high either. A fast paced walk (say around four miles per hour) or peddling on the bike that gets the heart rate up is definitely enough.

Some people will choose to perform interval or sprint training as their means of cardio but this is definitely a more intense form and it could start to hinder your ability to build muscle.

So, take these points into consideration when coming up with your workout program to build muscle.
While you don’t need hours dedicated to cardio, getting on that bike or treadmill for a small amount of time will serve you very well on your road to gaining muscular weight.

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Where to Find the Best Vegetarian Recipes!

any people are turning vegetarian for a healthy lifestyle and a fit body. Some turn to macrobiotic diet which balances a person’s physical and mental condition by utilizing foods that energy and are high in nutrition.

Vegetarian Recipes

Macrobiotic diet also helps in healing the diseases. In day to day life people often get confused that what should they eat and where can they find good vegetarian recipes? To overcome this you should keep on upgrading your knowledge about various recipes all over the world so that you are never in a dilemma or quandary.

There are various places wherein you can keep checking for the best vegetarian recipes. The first place is to check your own recipe box as in you can certainly find some very good recipes in your home cook’s repertoire. You can also replace meat in some meat recipes or you can adapt that recipe by some vegetarian items. For e.g.: In Chicken tikka masala, chicken can be replaced by paneer. Thus by some experimentation and alterations you can discover many delicious recipes.

Another place where you can get good vegetarian recipes is some vegetarian friends who can help you in overcoming this situation. They can tell you their menu and their favourite dishes and you can get various recipes from them as they possess impressive variety of vegan recipes which are tasty as well as time tested. You can also find various delectable, yummy dishes on the internet. You can browse various websites offering variety of vegan dishes. Internet is a great medium or a tool in finding the recipes as you can find thousands of good vegan recipes in the comfort of your home. Many people also share their best recipes on the net.

There are many cookery books of various vegetarian dishes available in the market; you can buy one as per your liking. They prove to be valuable resources in making up a vegetarian meal plan. Various vegetarian authors have penned or compiled down many recipes in different books. They have done trial and error and lots and lots of research into a compilation of tasty recipes to try at home. In these books you can get helpful information about living a vegetarian and healthy lifestyle. You can also get ideas for meat-free substitutions and ideas for more cooking from these books.

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Slimming Recipes Are The Best Way To Lose Weight

You will naturally want to eat good healthy food and enjoy nice slimming recipes, but perhaps you are confused by all the health information and diet fads out there. There is no need for confusion because eating healthy food is actually very simple. Ignore all the diet fads and complex calculations for what you are supposed to include in your meals. These do not work, and they are bound to be passed over in favour of the new diet fad around the corner before long. The problem is that once the extreme system is over, you just go back to your previous lifestyle and the weight comes straight back on.


What you need to do is find healthy slimming recipes that you can gradually incorporate into your diet a little at a time. Replace one meal of your diet every week with a new slimming recipe made from good foods that are nutritious, delicious, and will help you achieve your weight loss goals. If you do it properly, you will not feel like you are denying yourself at all. You will find the pounds melting away and you will feel good about yourself and full of energy.

The slimming recipes themselves are easy to find. Recipe books are available all over the place, and there are a host of fantastic recipes available absolutely free on the internet. In your searches, make sure to avoid any recipes that are related to any diet fads. What you are looking for are low calorie, low fat meals that will provide you with nutrient rich foods that can provide you with vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre, and antioxidants. These foods will help you feel better and achieve an optimum state of health.

Also look for foods that are especially filling without loading you up with extra calories. Whole wheat foods in slimming recipes are especially good for this purpose, especially whole wheat oats, which have been shown to help in weight loss and to reduce risk factors associated with heart disease and diabetes. If you feel fuller for longer you will be able to stick to your meal plan and achieve your healthy weight, melting off those pounds and impressing your friends and relatives with how good you look and how much energy you have.
Snacks can also be replaced with healthier foods in order to help you slim down and achieve good health. Instead of potato chips, you might want to try a bowl of peas in some melted low fat canola oil margarine. Or instead of a chocolate bar, try reaching for a banana. Both these snacks are very economical, not to mention delicious and very nutritious.

Once you get used to it, making healthier food choices is a snap. Look for good recipes and include them in your weekly meal plans one at a time. You’ll find that you are slimming down and feeling really good about yourself. The benefits are a longer life, more energy, not to mention a slimmed down body that all your friends will be jealous of. You can feel good about yourself when you eat healthy food, so take the plunge and enjoy good food and love life.


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